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Aircraft Acquisition and Sales

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In today's dynamic business environment, efficient and flexible air travel is becoming increasingly important.

At Will Smith Aviation, we specialize in facilitating the purchase and sale of private aircraft, offering a strategic advantage to business owners and companies. Owning a private jet or plane is a significant investment, but with our expert guidance, it becomes a feasible and valuable asset.

Our team at Will Smith Aviation is dedicated to providing comprehensive information and support throughout the aircraft acquisition process. We handle every detail to ensure that your investment aligns perfectly with your business needs and personal preferences.

With our assistance, you can maximize the value and utility of your aircraft, transforming air travel into a powerful business tool.

Acquisition Services

Pre Purchase Conditions

Assistance in determining the right type of aircraft based on travel needs, frequency, and destinations (international or domestic).

Assessment of required aircraft size based on anticipated flight hours and nature of trips (planned or spontaneous).

Cost Analysis for Jet Acquisition

Detailed breakdown of expenses, including fuel consumption, hangar rental rates, insurance premiums, and database update costs.

Guidance in choosing between new or second-hand aircraft, considering factors like business expense write-offs and warranty benefits.

Navigating Additional Costs and Market Analysis

Pilot Hiring Options

Analysis of salaried vs. contract pilot costs, including mentoring fees, ground transportation, lodging, and daily allowances.

Ownership Options

Advice on co-ownership, corporate ownership, or fractional ownership, including cost implications for each.

Insurance Insights

Expert navigation through various insurance policies and their implications in aircraft sales.

Pre-Purchase Oversight and Inspection

Thorough inspection and assessment of aircraft, particularly beneficial for second-hand purchases to avoid unforeseen expenses and complications.

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We have over a decade of experience in exceeding client expectations in the Tampa Bay area and its that blend of Skill, Experience, and Passion that set us apart in the field of Aircraft Acquisitions and Sales.


We are committed to finding the best deal for your aircraft buying or selling needs!

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